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Welcome to Medinail

Medinail is well known as the very first and only professional independent podologic centre in Malaysia. We take pride in pioneering the professional medical practice in a very specific field of hand and foot health care.

Medinail is a subsidiary of the distinguished Golden Broad Base Group. Since its inception in 2018, Medinail currently has 3 treatment outlets with 7 more to be established soon in major cities around the country, incongruent with our mission to reach out and help to as many sufferers as possible.

Introducing to our patients only the most advanced methods in the world, Medinail offers the most awe-inspired therapy governed by precise expertise and state-of-the-art technology. From ingrown nail, pincer nail, fungus nail, clavus to bunion advices, we are a true one stop solution for nail and foot care like no other.

At Medinail, every single member of our organization is a highly trained podologic specialist devoted to treating people from all around the country. There area of expertise includes diagnosis, treatment and helping patients of all ages keep their feet in a healthy condition. Our level of professional practice, quality and stringent control towards podologic wellness have gain huge popularity amongst the society for podologic services.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the most established, holistic nail health care centre in the country providing the most advanced tools, facilities and solutions in every aspect from diagnosis to treatment, prescription, and lifelong upkeep for every patient under our care.

Our Mission

To provide all-round excellence which emphasizes on friendliness, competency, highest level of professionalism and patient satisfaction, cementing our position as the country’s number one nail health care destination.

Queen Tan
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Company Tagline

``Always There, Always Care.``

Tagline Rationale :
Medinail always stresses on the importance of loving our job. By that, being attentive in our delicate task and having sensitive compassion towards our patients have become a part that embodies us, and deeply woven into our souls. We are determined to always be there for you when you need us, providing tender loving care in every method of treatment we administer, and we have you in our thoughts in every judgement call. We pour our hearts into our work, rest assured you are in safe hands.