Our Services

Scope of Treatment & Service Ideology

Medinail’s ideology emphasizes on friendliness, hygiene and professionalism. We based our services on honesty, competence, honesty and best natural products as our guiding principles, thus never have we carried out wanton practices just to get it over and done with. Every step we take is meticulous and deliberate, just to safeguard the interest of our patients.

To begin with, our patients will go through a comprehensive foot and leg assessment to conclude the true problems before any therapy is being determined. All treatment shall be carried out in proper and professional treatment theatre and not just any open halls. 

The quality of our podiatry chairs, practitioner’s chairs, podiatry cabinets and other podiatry tools and drills are the best in the market, offering innovative functions with comfortable contemporary design, and supremely ergonomic for superior outcomes, giving your patients the satisfaction they deserve.

The level of hygiene in our centres is similar to hospital standards. Rest assured they are constantly disinfected. No surgical equipment is ever repeatedly used. Sterilizing machines in our “Hygiene Corner” guarantee every equipment is safe and sanitized. On top of that, we even installed a special shoe rack to decontaminate and pasteurize all patients’ shoes.


In customers’ perception, Medinail is the expert who knows the right procedure for every foot problem. Hence to achieve the best result we adopt the latest and best technology to support our therapy in treating problematic nails to ensure patients suffer no pain. We also strive to provide all-natural techniques without the need for medicine, or nail removal and injections. Our professional one-stop Podologic services include:

  • Ingrown Nail
  • Pincer Nail
  • Fungus Nail
  • Clavus Treatment
  • Bunion Advise
  • Callus Treatment