Our Team Power

Our Professional Team

Medinail is co-founded by Ms Queen Tan, who is the facilitator and principle trainer of Medinail podologic centre. Queen is qualified on nail corrections with the VHO- Osthold-Method and VHO-Osthold- Spange. A professional with more than 12 years in practice, her qualification is internationally accredited by top podiatry institution in Germany.

Our staff ranges from front end personnel such as receptionists, customer service, products specialists to sales and marketing team; and our back end staffs include podologists, technical coaches, soft skill trainers, , right up to dedicate operations team. Each of them were being proficiently trained under their related fields to ensure they are competent in their scopes of work.

Over the years, Queen has perfected the skill and is authorized to perform podologic related therapy. Under her tutelage and mentorship, Medinail has been producing many outstanding podologists in Malaysia, especially in the capital of Malaysia and the northern region as well.

They are more than capable of providing top notch consultation & treatment, as well as condition monitoring and pathological advices.

Medinail is also currently operating its own one-stop academy to produce more professional podologists in Malaysia. We welcome aspiring students who wish to venture into this field to undergo our comprehensive classes which include all the best and professional syllabus introduced directly from Germany and Taiwan.

All our podologists have undergone full trainings in ingrown nails, fungus nail, clavus/corn treatment, plantar fasciitis, diabetes pathology, foot care, fundamental hygiene in podology, in-depth knowledge in nail diseases and wounds, and even foot reflexology massages. To develop their skills and understanding of podology even further, our training covers to the extend of chemical components, products used in foot care, lymphatic problems of lower extremities and even diabetic foot syndrome (DFS). Stringent professionalism and rectitude are upheld to ensure the health of our patients is not compromised.