Our Values and Commitments

Our Value

As a top nail care and therapy centre, Medinail is governed by a set of fundamental principles upon which our professional practice is based. They serve as the guiding principles that our corporation uses to manage our daily operation, as well as our relationship with patrons.

• From the welfare of our patients to the quality of treatment and level of technological advancement right up to the way our organization is run, we strive to excel in everything we do.

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• We train and provide the best therapists and podologists with the highest compassion and level of care, because we understand the suffering of our patients. This is the greatest value that is embedded in our professional standards and codes of practice.

• We place medical innovation at the forefront of our core values, as our culture is focused on continuous improvement in the therapy rendered towards our patients, as well as optimizing the quality throughout all operations.

• We foster team spirit and team work to increase efficiency and ability of our staff to focus on similar goal, and thus bring out the best in each other with mutual support amongst the team.

• We are steadfast in maintaining the highest ethics in our practice. We have set our resolution on minimizing suffering to the patient and respecting their preferences, while upholding professionalism and exploring all treatment options and potential risks prior to treatment.

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Our Commitments

At Medinail, we strive to build strong relationship with our patients which is derived from trust and pleasant experiences through our service. Our endeavour to upkeep our pledges is the core single factor that contributes to customers coming back to us through and through. We are always committed to being accessible to you, earning your faith and delivering outstanding service every time.


Here are the 3 tenets we hold close to our hearts:

• We commit to deliver the best nail health care by putting the patient first, and going the extra mile throughout the entire journey to deliver first-rate services in a conducive and professional environment.

• We commit to use only the most advanced facilities, skilled podologists and exceptional clinical practice to ensure consistent medical excellence, and maintain the best level of support and care for our patients through every stage of treatment.

• We commit never to stop striving for the most intrinsic knowledge in podologic and nail health to ensure every service we offer is delivered at a world-class standard, and not merely to achieve a certain benchmark.